The Truth about Pre-made Fan Lashes!

Pre-made Fan Lashes

There is a lot of pre-conception when it comes to pre-made volume fan lashes…

They are often called ‘cluster’ lashes.

Pre-made volume fan lashes are stand-alone hugely popular lash! (NOT cluster lashes!)

Pre-made volume fans are a great go-to lash, for many lash technicians!

A very versatile lash that creates super-quick volume & mixed with classics creates Hybrid lashes.

Using a good professional branded pre-made volume fan will make all the difference.

A professional, pre-made volume fan will have a lovely heat-bonded, seamless stem.

Offering great lash retention without thick, clumpy, heavy stems/base!!

Purchasing a low-cost, non-professional pre-made volume fan is not recommended due to their quality & poor lash retention!


Introduction to Pre-made volume fans…

AHFrancis introduced pre-made volume fans nearly a decade ago & CEO Karen was definitely against them!

Karen was so used to making her volume fans & thought that pre-made volume fans were cheating!!

Pre-made volume fans had a bad reputation, damaging the natural lash & Karen was very resistant to introducing them to AHF.

After meeting with her suppliers at the International Beauty Show & lots of research & development.

Karen changed her tune completely…

Of course, It has been trial & error & some of the suppliers she found were better than others.

Finally, Karen found a supplier that offers the highest-quality pre-made volume fans out there!

Karen offered lots of refresher workshops & Zoom calls AHF customers & pre-made volume fans became best-sellers & still are to this day!

As this trending lash progressed & the demand grew, so did the lash pack sizes, curls, lengths & lash thicknesses.

Hybrid lashes are such a popular lash & mixing a pre-made volume fan with a classic lash is so quick & easy & a real game-changer! 

Pre-made volume fans do take the fuss & faff out of volume lashes saving time & creating more salon revenue! 


Pre-made Volume Fans – Popularity

  • Pre-made volume fans are ready to apply 
  • Instant volume
  • Long-lasting
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Low cost 
  • Reduces lashing time
  • More salon revenue 
  • No fuss
  • Business growth 
  • Fabulous results!


FAQ’s about Pre-made Fan Lashes

Q. Do Pre-made volume fans damage natural lashes?

A. Yes they can if the natural lashes are not isolated properly or too much lash glue is applied creating a thick, heavy bond.

Choosing the thickness, length & weight of a Pre-made volume fan is an individual process for each client, as we know not one lash fits all!


Q. Do Pre-made volume fans look natural or fake?

A. Using an un-branded, non-professional brand can affect the quality of the product making them look thick, bulky, heavy & uncomfortable!

Using a professional lash brand & doing your research is something we would recommend highly!


Q. Is it only newbie Lash Techs that use pre-made volume fans?

A. No not at all, it’s not just newbie lash techs that use pre-made volume fans, even our highly experienced lash techs love pre-made volume fans!

Very experienced lash technicians love using our pre-made volume fans, saving time & energy not having to create hand-made volume fans


Q. What lash adhesive should I use for Pre-made volume fans?

A. We recommend our Extreme Lash & Fastlash for the application of pre-made volume fans, due to the super-fast set speed of these lash adhesives 


Q. Do Pre-made fans last as long as hand-made volume fans?

A. Pre-made volume fans when correctly applied & the correct lash length curl etc. are chosen to last just as long as a hand-made volume fan


Q. Are Pre-made volume fans easy to apply & lash map?

Q. YES, pre-made volume fans are super-easy to apply, we recommend the lash ‘dipping’ method rather than the coating & bonding method used for classic lashes.

We recommend the ‘dipping’ lash technique when applying pre-made volume fans as we do not want the lash glue to run up the shaft of the pre-made volume fans & close the fans.

There are a variety of fan dimensions from 3D up to 10D & a variation of thicknesses & lengths which will enable you to create your own bespoke set of lashes!


Q. Can Pre-made volume fans be infilled?

A. YES, just as a classic lash or hand-made volume lash we recommend your clients book in for their 14 – 16 day infills. 


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