Eyelash Extension Remover Cream

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Eyelash Extension Remover –

Cream Lash Remover is the ultimate product to remove eyelash extensions.

Super quickly & easily without causing any damage to the natural lashes


Our Lash Extension Cream Remover is the perfect way to remove eyelash extensions without causing any damage to natural lashes. It’s essential for any lash technician to remove eyelash extensions professionally & take care of the natural eyelashes.

Our Cream Lash Remover is available in 15ml tubs.

How to use

Place lash eye pads underneath your client’s eyes and get them to close their eyes. Using a microfibre brush, place a small amount of product into a glue ring or well to avoid cross-contamination. Cover the client’s lashes evenly with the Cream Remover. Make sure that their eyes are closed and avoid getting any product into the client’s eyes to avoid irritation. Leave for 5-10 minutes, then gently brush away the lash extensions from the natural lash. You shouldn’t need to pick or pull at any of the lashes to remove them. After all of the lashes have been removed, wipe over the eyes with damp cotton pads or sponges to remove the product fully. Use within 12 months from opening.

Formulated to sit nicely on top of the eyelash extensions & not seep into the client’s eyes during the lash removal process.

Simply apply using a microfibre brush & gently roll up and down the lash extensions, with the lash remover cream.

Wait for a few minutes 3-5  & then gently push the eyelash extensions off the natural lashes.

These approx timings may vary slightly depending on the number of lash extensions & amount of lash glues/adhesive used.

We recommend allowing at least an x 30mins appointment for a lash removal, as this process can take time & if rushed can be quite a sensitive process for your lash clients.


See below for application details: How to apply.


An essential lash product for all lash techs!

*PLEASE NOTE: Microfibre Brushes not Included

The benefits of using an Eyelash Extension Cream Lash Remover; 

  • Super easy to apply
  • Creamy gel-like consistency
  • Not runny
  • Sits on the lashes where it is applied
  • No more stingy liquids seeping into the client’s eyes
  • Works within 3 – 5 minutes
  • No damage to the natural lashes
  • 12 x month shelf life unopened
  • 9 x month shelf life once opened
  • 15ml tub
  • For professional use only
  • Not tested on animals
  • Vegan friendly


How to apply:

  1. Apply 3D Eye gel pads to protect your client’s bottom lashes & skin around the eye area
  2. Using a microfibre brush decant a small amount of Eyelash Extension Cream Remover into a disposable glue tray or glue ring
  3. Apply directly onto the eyelash extensions to be removed using a microfibre brush
  4. Simply roll  the Lash remover cream, up & down the eyelash extensions
  5. Leave for 3 – 5 minutes depending on the eyelash extensions you are removing, some lashes may need a minute or two longer!
  6. Ensure the client has their eyes closed throughout this eyelash extension removal process 
  7. Avoid any product getting into the client’s eyes or on the skin around the eye area
  8. Once the processing time is up, gently push the eyelash extensions off the natural lashes using a microfibre brush, underneath & on top
  9. Ensure your client’s eyes are shut throughout this process &  pulling or tugging – so as not to damage the natural lashes
  10. Use a damp cotton pad & Foaming brow & lash wash to remove any excess products
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