Let’s Talk Eyelash Extensions…

Eyelash Extensions are a semi-permanent beauty treatment, semi-permanent means they are not going to last forever!

On average eyelash extensions will last approx 2-3 weeks before needing an infill.

We often find our clients asking why they need to book a lash infill, it is important for us as therapists to educate our clients on the pre & aftercare of their eyelash extensions. 

Having eyelash extensions becomes a way of life! Many clients will change the way they shower, wash their face or even sleep to keep their eyelash extensions looking fabulous & their natural eyelashes healthy.

Let’s Talk Humidity & Temperature & Mask Wearing… 

These are the two main factors that will affect your clients lash longevity.

Our AHFrancis eyelash adhesives are formulated in Europe & we recommend approximately 40-60% optimal humidity, anything above 60% can cause a shock cure, this means the adhesive is drying too quickly & this will affect your lash retention as the adhesive is curing before it can create a bond.

We recommend 20-25 degrees salon or room temperature to achieve the optimum bond onto the client’s natural eyelashes. Again the temperature can really play havoc with eyelash extension adhesive.

We suggest purchasing a Hygrometer to test your working environment, as the humidity & temperature will affect the workability of your eyelash extension adhesive. 

In some cases this could cause a weak bond which will affect your client’s lash longevity, this means their eyelash extensions could fall out earlier than 2-3 weeks which is not good for you, your client, or your business, as reputation is everything! 

Mask Wearing / Covid 19

Our client having to wear masks is causing us lash technicians quite a few problems & sleepless nights.

  • The increased humidity from your client wearing a mask is high! Hot air breath seeping out the top of the mask is directly going up into the eye area where you are applying eyelash extensions
  • For example, if any of you wear glasses & a mask, you will have experienced your glasses getting steamed up this is the visible result of how much humidity wearing a mask causes
  • We know wearing a mask is essential for you & your client’s health & safety & advise your clients they may lose more lashes than usual at this time & to book in for slightly earlier infill appointments
  • Try asking your clients not to chat through their treatment this will reduce the humidity escaping from the mask
  • Try taping the bridge of the nose & across to the cheekbone to prevent any humidity from rising up from the top of the mask, doing this will help
  • Apply our Magic Dry lash adhesive curer, once you have combed your client’s lashes through to ensure the lashes you have applied have bonded, this lotion really does help cure the lash adhesive & promotes lash longevity
  • Why not try using our Magic Primer which restores the PH balance of the natural lashes, before you start your eyelash application, these products are the perfect Duo for any lash technician!
  • Be mindful not to use too much of any of the above lotions & saturate the natural eyelashes, use sparingly!

Cyanoacrylate Family

Our AHFrancis eyelash adhesives are from the Cyanoacrylate family

Cyanoacrylate gives eyelash extension adhesives its fabulous curing property, it dries in a matter of seconds & creates a fabulous bond, ensuring lash longevity. 

Fast Lash, Masterlash & Flashbond are our top-selling eyelash extension adhesives due to their super-fast setting speed, approximately 2-3 seconds set speed, perfect for those experienced eyelash technicians! (not suitable for bottom lashes or in-experienced eyelash technicians).

They do contain Ethyl Cyanoacrylate & the bond is strong but the fumes, odor & irritation can be too much for sensitive clients.

We offer Strong-bond this is a sensitive grade eyelash extension adhesive, suitable for clients with sensitive eyes, newbie eyelash technicians & bottom eyelash technique.

This eyelash extension adhesive is our slowest drying, with no fumes but still has great bonding properties.

Eyelash Extension Adhesives & Jade Stones

We recommend using a Jade Stone & Glue Dot when applying eyelash Extensions.

Replenishing the eyelash adhesive every 5-10 minutes is super important, depending on your working environment your adhesive can become quite tacky very quickly, which means the adhesive is curing before you have applied the eyelash extension to the natural lashes.

The Glue Dots keep the eyelash adhesive in a little ball which makes dipping the eyelash extension easier & helps not to collect too much eyelash adhesive onto the eyelash extensions before applying it onto the natural lashes.

Usage of glue is so important practice & confidence will help decide the right amount of eyelash adhesive you need. Too much adhesive can cause a thick heavy & uncomfortable set of eyelash extensions for your client, making them want to fiddle & possibly even pick their lashes off, causing damage to their natural lashes!

However, too little adhesive will effect the lash longevity, as the lash bonding will be non-existent in places, causing the eyelashes extension to fall off!

Hints & Tips

When applying Rapid Volume Pre-made fans & Russian Fans, you only need to dip the base of your fan into the eyelash adhesive, gathering a tiny pin-head of adhesive, using more than this could run up the lashes & close the fans.

When applying Classic lashes, we suggest sliding the eyelash extension into the little ball of adhesive to coat at least 80% of the eyelash extension.

We would then advise you to isolate your client’s natural lash & stroke twice 0.5 – 1mm from the lash line to the tip of the natural lash & apply it on the third stroke, this will ensure you have enough adhesive to create a fabulous bond giving lash longevity!

(We understand it is not always possible to apply adhesive to the tip of your client’s lashes due to the direction that they sometimes present themselves, just do your best to get as much of a bond as possible!)

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