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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply lash lift shields?

Warm the silicone Lash Lift shields slightly, rolling in-between your finger & thumb, this will make the lash lift shield easier to work with. Take either end of the shield between your finger & thumb & create a half-moon shape, placing the edge of the lash lift shield just on the client’s lash line.

(please ensure you leave no gaps in-between the lash line & the lash  lift shield as this affect the final outcome.

How do I know what size lash lift shield  to use on my client?

After cleansing with our Foaming Lash Wash, blot the clients eye dry with the tissue before applying your eyegel pad to protect your clients bottom lashes. Place a lash lift shield onto the clients eyelid, we recommend you trim the outer or inner of the lash lift shield to fit snuggly onto the clients eyelid. Gently lift the clients natural lashes using a lash lift pic, up onto the shield to choose the correct size shield:  (S, M, M2 or Large)

We recommend the natural lashes should come half away up the lash lift shields i.e clients with tiny 8mm lashes we would recommend a small shield, clients with longer lashes a medium shield, clients with full abundant, really long lashes an M2 or Large. We would also go up a size in a lash lift shield rather than down.

What is an M2 Lash Lift Shield?

M2 Lash lift shields are the size in-between a medium & large shield. M2 shields are hugely popular for clients with Fabulous long lashes but not quite long enough to use a large shield.

Why do I need to use Hydrating Essence?

We recommend using our exclusive Hydrating Essence formula to restore moisture balance in the lash cortex after processing the lash lift – Pre lash tint.

How long should I leave the solution on for?

We recommend 9 minutes for clients with very fine, weak lashes 10 – 13 minutes for clients with good natural lashes.

How long should I leave in-between treatments?

We recommend at least 6 x weeks in-between a lash lift treatment this can vary with each client, some can go longer than others. You can tint in-between your next lash lift appointment this does help refresh the lash lift look!

What happens if I over-process my clients lashes?

The relaxation process is very simple, however please do take care during a lash lift treatment & ensure you take your time as this will benefit you long-term.

  • Apply an eye gel pad to protect your clients bottom lashes
  • Using a wet cotton pad gently on the lashes
  • Comb through the lashes
  • Apply Step 1 using a microfibre brush onto the lashes
  • Comb through for 3 minutes
  • Remove with a damp cotton pad
  • Apply Step 2 using a microfibre brush onto the lashes
  • Comb through for 3 minutes
  • Remove with a damp cotton pad
  • At this point, you should see the lashes are relaxed
  • Cleanse the lashes gently & apply your nourishing lotion for 5 minutes
  • Gently cleanse lashes with a damp cotton pad & comb through & then remove the eye gel pad
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