0.05 – Camellia Lashes – Easy fanning lashes

£8.95£10.95 exc. VAT

Camellia Lashes are mixed-length, volume eyelash extensions on a strip…

They are Easy Fanning Lashes & are super easy to pick up from the lash strip, creating fabulous Volume Hand Made Fans.

Each lash strip has a variation of 3 x different mixed lash lengths, giving a lovely textured 3D lash look.

As with our natural lashes, we have varying lash lengths, so when using these fabulous Camellia Lash extensions you can create a lovely full natural lash look – a dramatic lash look.

When using Camellia eyelash extensions you can create lovely textured, dramatic, glamourous, feathery lash looks! 

So many clients are influenced by celebrities such as the Kardashians, the Kim K lash look is always on trend!

Create the Red Carpet Look with ease using our super-soft, lightweight, mixed lash length Camellia eyelash extensions.

Our Camellia eyelash extension packs come in a variety of mixed lash length sizes: 

  • 7,8,9mm
  • 8,10,12mm  
  • 9,11,13mm
  • 10,12,14mm
  • C or D curls
  • Made from very high-quality PBT material
  • 100% Synthetic material
  • Recommend for making wonderful full-volume lashes
  • 16 x Rows per lash pack
  • Not Tested on Animals
  • Vegan Friendly &  Animal cruelty-free


We recommend lash mapping to create that perfect, bespoke lash look for your clients!

Camellia eyelash extensions enable you to create more of a 3 x Dimensional, textured lash look.

Camellia eyelash extensions not only give you texture & volume but they also look super lightweight, glamorous & natural!

Try using our No Run product with these lashes to prevent any Lash Glue/Adhesive from running up the lashes & possibly closing your handmade fans!


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