(From £6.95) 0.20 Flat Lash Multipack Eyelash Extensions

£8.95 exc. VAT

Multipacks lashes contain a selection of different lash lengths, ideal to have in your lash kit. As not one lash look fits all!

0.20 flat lashes are a glossy fine-medium weight lash that can be used to create a set of fabulous individual eyelash extensions.

They also have a super fine split tip that gives the illusion of a thicker, fuller lash, ideal for clients with fine & weak lashes wanting to have a thicker lash look.

As flat lashes are only half the weight of classic eyelash extensions.

A very popular lash, loved & used by many of our lash technicians.

With the variation of lash curls you can create a glamorous set of eyelash extensions your clients will adore!

They are available in:

  • Curls B  (See our Eyelash Curl Guide for more details)
  • Containing the most popular lash lengths all in one pack
  • Giving you the flexibility & freedom to try different lengths & looks
  • No need to stock too many singe lash length packs
  • Classic & flat lashes are available in multipacks
  • Vegan friendly
  • Latex free
  • Not tested on animals

ODD – contains 12 x  rows of lash lengths 2 x 7mm, 4 x 9mm, 4 x 11mm, 2 x 13mm

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