Eyelash Extension Lash Bond – Magic Dry

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Lash Bond/Magic Dry – cures & drys the lash adhesive instantly creating a better lash retention.

This Lash Bond product offers;  greater lash longevity & reduces sensitivity to any of our Eyelash Extension Adhesives/glue & possible odours.

Hints & Tips

How To Apply:

  • Apply  Lash Bond/Magic Dry using a microfibre brush once the eyelash extensions application is completed
  • Comb your lashes  thoroughly ensuring no stickies or loose lash extensions
  • Dispense a drop of Magic Dry into a disposable glue tray/ring
  • Using a microfibre brush dip into the Magic Dry & dab off any excess lotion on the couch roll
  • Apply Lash Bond/Magic Dry rolling underneath & on top of the eyelash extensions, focusing on the area where the lash Adhesive/lash glue has been applied. This is where the lash bond needs to be created
  • Comb your lashes through again & wait 2 minutes & sit your client up before they open their eyes
  • No need for your client to wait 24 x hours before exercising or showering

WATCH: How to apply Magic Dry – Quick Cure


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