Which Eyelash Glue is best for me?

There is so much choice out there! Where do you start?

Lets talk AHFrancis Fastlash Adhesive!

It can be super stressful choosing the right lash glue/adhesive for you & your clients!

We get so many calls from Lash Technicians asking;

“What’s your bestselling glue?”

“What’s the set speed”

Is it Dual-purpose?”

“Is it suitable for sensitive clients?”

“How good is the lash longevity?”

We would then ask them, “Are you an experienced eyelash technician or a complete newbie to eyelash extensions?

This is a REALLY important question for us to ask so we can guide the lash technician in the right direction & help choose a lash glue/adhesive that would be suitable for them!

Lets chat about humidity…

All lash adhesives are from the Cyanoacrylate family & require moisture & humidity to cure.

The temperature of the humidity in your salon or working environment is super important.

The higher the humidity the faster your adhesive will cure & the lower the humidity the slower your lash adhesive cures.

To be able to check humidity levels in your workplace we suggest you purchase a fabulous AHFrancis Hygrometer this will ensure that you get the best out of your eyelash glue/adhesive.

Our AHFrancis lash glue/adhesive works best in room temperatures between 20 – 25 degrees & humidity between 40 – 60%

We recommend using an airtight Lash Adhesive Storage Container to ensure your lash glue/adhesive is kept upright & stored correctly in a dry & cool place.

AHFrancis lash glue/adhesives have a 9 x month shelf life unopened from the date of manufacturing & 3 months shelf life once opened, this only applies to our 5grm size lash glue.

Please note: our 3grm vials have a much shorter shelf life unopened & once opened, please check our website for more information on these products.

Experienced Lash Technicians always ask us for the fastest lash glue/adhesive set speed.

We would recommend our AHFrancis Fastlash lash glue/adhesive.

This is by far our best-selling lash glue, it has a HUGE following by many lash technicians who constantly tell us they couldn’t live without it!

Here are a few reasons why many lash techs LOVE Fastlash so much;

  • Multi-purpose, fast setting lash glue/adhesive
  • 1-2 Second set speed
  • Super-fine viscosity
  • Superb lash longevity
  • Available in 3 & 5grm sizes
  • Not tested on animals
  • Water-resistant
  • Heat-resistant
  • Vegan friendly
  • Latex free
  • This lash glue is manufactured in the EU to our own specification
  • This product is ISO medically approved
  • Suitable for professional use only

To get the best out of your lash glue/adhesive we recommend using a Jade Stone & Glue Dot.

This really helps with your lashing speed & lash glue wastage, as we all know using a Glue Ring or Glue Holder we can be slightly heavy-handed with how much lash glue/adhesive we dispense, often wasting quite a bit due to the room temperature & humidity.

By using the Jade Stone & Glue Dot, it’s professional & hygienic & a fresh glue dot can be used for each client.

We suggest you replenish your glues every 5 minutes by dispensing a tiny bobble of lash glue/adhesive onto your Jade Stone & Glue Dot. This will ensure great workability & promote lash longevity!

Lash Prepping & Isolation

Having a lovely clean prepped base is so important when applying eyelash extensions.

This not only promotes the health of the natural lash but also promotes lash longevity.

Applying eyelash extensions onto oily, greasy lashes will cause a barrier with the bonding of the lash glue/adhesive.

Also lash isolation is so important as we don’t want to create clumpy, ugly lashes that can cause irritation to your clients.

We recommend lash mapping as this really helps with lash blending, creating a beautiful set of lashes with symmetry, as our eyes are sisters, not twins!

By lash mapping, we recommend applying 6 – 7 lashes onto each eye ensuring not to work too closely to the lashes you have just applied as we want to prevent stickies! (lashes sticking together)

We recommend using our AHFrancis Foaming Brow & Wash, Magic Primer & Magic Dry to ensure the perfect results & lash longevity!

Still have questions?

AHFrancis Lashes Limited are always here to help!

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