What is a Hybrid set of lashes?


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Hybrid lashes are a lash technique, that mixes Volume & Classic lashes to create a wispy textured volume lash look.
Mixing Classic Lashes with Pre-made Volume Fans, Easy Fanning – hand-made Russian Fans & closed fans = Hybrid lashes!
Sometimes Volume Fans or Classic Lashes just aren’t enough on their own.
This is where Hybrid Lashes are a perfect choice!
You can create a lovely textured spiky lash look, by mixing the above lashes.
With lash trends constantly changing & celebrities showcasing their lashes all over social media etc.
As Lash Techs we sometimes feel overwhelmed when our lash clients come into the salon with images of lashes that they want however, we cannot create or achieve this lash look for them, as their natural lashes just won’t take the weight, lash length or that particular lash technique.
This is one of the reasons why as lash suppliers we insist on Patch Testing, not only to check our client for any contraindications & sensitivity but also to see if we can manage our client’s expectations.

Below are a few hints & tips when choosing the correct lash style for each & every one of your lash clients – As not one lash look or lash technique suits ALL!

Hybrid Lashes are a perfect Lash Look for clients with very fine lashes & possibly some gaps in their natural lashes. Layering with Classic lashes & infilling with Pre-made Volume or handmade Russian Fans really can disguise gaps in the natural lashes. Mixing the two types of lashes adds texture creating softness, fullness, and fluffy lashes without the weight!
• To create a set of Hybrid lashes, you need to still isolate each individual lash as you would normally when applying any eyelash extensions
• Create your template & ensure you have chosen the correct lash lengths & curls for your individual lash client
• Apply the Pre-made or Handmade Russian volume fans onto isolated lashes, as per your lash template
• Apply one or two close to each other & then infill with Classic lashes
• Repeat this process until the natural lashes have had  eyelash extensions applied
• If you want more texture when making your Hybrid lash template, add graduated longer lash lengths throughout to give a wispy textured lash look
• You can use a thicker 0.25 eyelash extension to create Spikes & texture or create closed fans by not fanning your multiple lash pickup, open as you would for Russian lashes but keep the fans closed
• Remember to book your client’s infill appointment before they leave
• Hybrid lashes need infilling every 14-16 days just as any other set of eyelash extensions, to keep them looking full & glamourous
• Ensure that you have gone through all the aftercare with your lash clients – This makes life so much easier for you as a lash tech once they leave their appointment!
• Advise your clients to purchase a Foaming Lash Wash, to cleanse their lashes every other day ensuring no dead skin cells or eye makeup build-up
• As this can cause some irritation & possibly an infection or sensitivity
• By recommending your clients to cleanse their lashes frequently in-between appointments, will save you time as a lash tech at their infill appointment, as we all know when a client arrives with mucky lashes & we have to spend more time cleansing & prepping this can eat into the client’s infill appointment time!
We recommend allowing longer appointments when booking a set of Hybrid lashes & charging more for this lash technique, as more lash products are used & more time is required!


• Classic Lashes – 1-2-1 lashes, applied on each individual natural lash
• Classic lashes come in varied lash thicknesses, curls & lengths
• Application time 1-2.5 hours depending on the lash tech’s experience
• Classic lashes are suitable for most lash clients
• You can achieve a subtle natural lash look
• With the choice of lash thickness, curls & lengths, you can create a set of lashes to suit each client, depending on their own natural lashes
• We recommend lash mapping for each set of lashes, what lash style or lash technique you are going to use


Pre-made Volume Fan lashes, are lashes that are already heat-bonded pre-made fans
• Rather than having to create your own hand-made Russian Fans, which can be very time-consuming
• Pre-made Volume Fans can vary from a 3D -10D volume fan thickness
• Pre-Made Volume fans will need to be suitable for use on each individual client, making sure the client’s natural lashes can take the weight, curl & length of the Volume Fans chosen
• As for every eyelash extension technique, we do need to make sure we are not only managing our client’s expectations, but we also need to make sure we are not going to cause any damage to our client’s natural lashes
• This can be explained to the client when you do their patch test & pre-lash Medical consultation
• The use of Pre-made Volume Fan lashes has grown so much in the Eyelash Industry, as they are time-saving & so easy to mix with Classic lashes to create Hybrid Lashes
• When Pre-made Volume Fan lashes, first came onto the Lash scene many of us lash techs including ME thought it was cheating & no way was I ever going to use them! I have been proved so wrong! These Pre-Made Volume fans are a staple in my everyday lash calendar – so many of my client’s just love the fullness without the weight!
• Pre-made Volume fans lashes have improved so much over the last 6 x years, now these lashes have super-fine stems & no clumpy thick black bulky lash stems as they used to be when they first came out
• The choice of lash thickness, curls & how many lashes you can have per volume lash fan is huge! It can be quite a challenge knowing what lashes to choose. This is where calling us in the office can really help, as we can advise you as to what lashes are suitable for the lash technique you wish to create!
• These lashes can be infilled just as any other lash technique
• The difference when you apply them is you do not coat & bond the natural lashes
• You dip the Pre-made Volume Fan into a super quick drying lash adhesive/lash glue ie: AHFrancis FAST LASH or EXTREME LASH & then just place it onto the isolated natural lash & that’s it, the pre-made volume lash will stay where it is placed.
THE GLUE DIPPING is super important, using too much lash adhesive/lash glue can cause the Pre-made Volume Fans to close up.
We recommend pushing out of the lashes rather than jumping out of the lashes once the eyelash extensions have been applied to the natural lashes as this will help ensure fewer stickies! 


• Hand Made Russian fans can be very time-consuming
• We recommend charging more for this lash technique as it can take up to 3 x hours plus when you first start doing this type of lash, this technique can be very challenging trial & error is a word that comes to mind
• We offer EASY FANNING LASHES, which will make creating hand-made Russian fans a lot easier. These lashes have been stuck to the lash strip differently during the lash manufacturing process. Making it so much easier to pull the lashes off the lash strip to create your own hand-made Russian fans. We offer Easy Fanning & Camellia lashes. Camellia lashes are so lovely they come in varied lash lengths all on one lash strip creating more lash texture. 
• Easy Fanning lashes come with the same lash lengths all on one lash strip. Both of these types of eyelash extensions are so popular with many of our lash technicians!
• We recommend practicing whenever you get the chance to perfect this skill – It really will pay off!
• This lash technique really does need patience & practice
• Russian Volume lashes is a lash technique that will pick up multiple individual lash extensions
• We recommend you do not use lash thicknesses any thicker than 0.10 thickness, otherwise the hand volume fans will become very thick & bulky, which is not a good look. The hand-made Russian fans will not stay together & will be very heavy
• 0.05, 0.07 & 0.10 lash thicknesses are what we would recommend for you to use when making hand-made Russian fans. Start by pulling the lashes slightly forward off the lash strip & tilt to one side, picking up 3-4 lash extensions & pinch them together with your lash tweezers into a fan. Once you are happy with your fan, pinch the stem of the lash fan together & pull the fan forward off the lash strip & dip it into the lash adhesive/lash glue of choice & place it onto an isolated natural lash & hold for 1-2 seconds, push your lash tweezers forward out of the natural lashes
• We recommend pushing forward out of the lashes rather than jumping out of the lashes upwards
• As this can cause the lashes that have just been applied to stick together causing what we lash techs know as STICKIES! This is where the lashes all become clumpy & stick together
• If this happens it can cause the client’s eyelids to become itchy & uncomfortable making the clients maybe pick or pull their lashes & then damage their own natural lashes. THE GLUE DIPPING is super important, using too much lash adhesive/lash glue can cause the very carefully hand-made Russian fan to close up.
• As the lash adhesive/lash glue will run up the stem of the lashes causing the fan to close up!

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