Each client should have a consultation & patch test

Each client should have a 1-2-1 consultation with you & a patch test carried out.
The consultation is an opportunity to discuss what’s available to the client, but also to manage try & manage their expectations. It’s important to make sure that what the client is asking for, is actually achievable, as their lashes may not be suitable for what they may desire!

It’s also important to run through the procedure & the eyelash extension aftercare instructions during the consultation, so that the client is completely aware of how to take the best care of their lashes, after their treatment.
You must do a thorough consultation & patch test new clients, also clients that have not had lashes for over 6 x months. Give your clients time at the consultation & give them all the information they need. Good & Bad! So they can make an informed decision whether to go ahead with the treatment.

We recommend you let the client know that infills will be required approximately every two weeks & the cost will be approximately 50% of the initial treatment. Be careful not to allow the infill appointments to go longer than two weeks as this could result in a complete removal & that a full new set of lashes may be needed!

Remind your client that contact lenses must not be worn to their eyelash extension appointment & advise them to wear their glasses to this appointment.

Golden rule:

If you are in any doubt about a client’s suitability

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