Social Media Hints & Tips!


Social Media Hints & Tips! – Social Media can be such a pain to do & many of us busy Lash Techs struggle to keep up with posting on several Social Platforms…


So let’s try & make a plan for 2022!


Videos & Reels seem to get more engagement on Social Media.

We hear all the time that many busy salon owners & lash techs are not that Techy!

But with the audience growing by the minute on many social media, it is time to make a marketing plan!

You don’t have to be Techy to achieve this.

Once you make time & shoot a few videos or reels throughout the month or week or can reuse them.

You will be surprised how much more interaction you will get by setting time aside to create engaging content!


People love tutorials, hints & tips!

Creating a blog page also really helps, people love content that inspires them & gives them ideas.

Getting a following on Social Media can be quite hard at first, but I promise it is best to grow your audience organically & get people to follow you who are interested in what you do.

Even if you are promoting a new treatment or trying to retail something try & make a little moving content that makes people stop & look & decide to follow, or book an appointment with you.

As a lash business, we try & post at least 3-4 times a week to keep our clients up to date with what’s going on & what is new @AHF, we must admit we do find it hard, but what we have learned is setting time aside to do our marketing is so important. And we have noticed our audience growing steadily but surely.

Constant Brand Recognition is essential to any Business for developing your Brand Identity & keeping an active profile!


Below are a few pointers to get you started:


• Make a marketing plan
• Making time to do this
• Schedule your Social Media Posts
• Make posts for the week/month & plan when you want them to be published
• What your objectives are?
• Where do you want to send traffic?
• Links in your BIO.
• Links to your WEBSITE
• Tagging your customers
• Mentioning & Tagging products & brands you use
• Use # Hash Tags to reach a more defined audience
• Showcase your business
• Post a variety of content: Like Competition non-selling posts & Testimonials as well as promotional posts
• Spend time growing your followers
• Follow other people you want to engage with & support each other
• Build a local community

This might sound a little overwhelming but give it a go & see what a difference it will make!

You don’t have to be a photographer you just need a Smart Phone & get clicking away!

Good lighting is vital & being able to edit & crop images are so important, as you need to show off your Portfolio, Business & what you have to offer.

Creating a Video or Reel can sound scary & many of us don’t like to be seen on camera.

So just getting the confidence to take little Reels or Videos throughout a treatment, before & after images, are a great way to sell a treatment or product.

There are great channels like CANVA to help make great Social Media content.

Spend a little time playing around with making posts like MP4s & GIFS.

Don’t get stressed & overthink just give yourself TIME & it will PAY OFF!!!

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