YY Lashes – 00.7 – Straight Tip YY – Deeper Curl

£14.95 exc. VAT

The straight-tip YY lashes create a lovely, full-volume lash effect!

Deeper Curl than Classic YY lashes…..

Unlike the classic YY lashes these straight-tip YY lashes have a much deeper curl & the tips are closer together, not so flat or fanned out as the classic YY lashes.

These YY lashes are different from the original classic YY lashes please ensure you have chosen the correct YY lash before placing our order with us. These YY lashes are from the same supplier but a different type of YY lash.

These straight-tip YY lashes have a much deeper curl more like a CC curl rather than a C curl.

These YY lashes are more suited for clients who want a little more lift & drama.

Remember the more the lashes have a deeper curl, making them a little trickier to place them onto the natural lashes, as the curlier the lash the less length of lash stem there is.

Please ensure you are choosing the correct YY lash by reading the info on both of our YY lash extensions.

YY Lashes are just fabulous, these super soft lashes are so on trend right now!

Gorgeous lightweight & super soft lashes create a delicate criss-cross effect.

YY lashes come in two different styles a classic YY lash & Straight Tip YY lash.

YY lashes consist of 2 x layers of YY lashes placed on top of each other creating a fan of 4 lashes, similar to our Pre-made Volume Fan lashes.

A classic YY lash creates a textured volume effect.

The lash tips are spread wider apart creating a softer, fuller fluffier lash effect, almost in between a Hydrid & Russian Volume Lash.

YY lashes offer superb lash retention because of their lovely long, flat stem base allowing a better bonding area to the natural lashes, creating greater lash longevity.

YY lashes are applied in the same way as a classic lash.

They are so easy to apply because they have a lovely, long, flat-based stem similar to our Cashmere Flat Lashes, offering great lash longevity & a lovely glamourous, glossy dark depth of color.

YY lashes are considered as an in-between lash bridging the gap between hybrid & volume lashes.

  • 16 rows of lashes per pack
  • YY lashes consist of 4 strands per lash 
  • Deeper curl than a classic YY lash
  • Long lash base & fanned-out tips
  • PBT fiber 
  • Create glamour & drama
  • Can be used to bridge the gap in the client’s natural lashes (if your clients have any clients )
  • YY lashes create a lovely dark thick volume  glamourous lash effect
  • A lovely lacey criss-cross effect can be created when using YY Lashes
  • Super quick to apply using one of our fast-set eyelash adhesives/eyelash glues
  • Lovely long-stem, flat base offering better lash bonding

YY Lashes are available in C or D & super fine lightweight 0.07 thickness.

How to pick up YY Straight Tip lash:

Gently pick up theYY lashusing our Easy Lash Pickup Tweezers halfway between the top & the bottom of the eyelash extension, just below the base of the YY Fan, keeping the YY lash intact.

Gently slide into your chosen lash adhesive/lash glue, we recommend using Extreme Lash or Fastlash for this lash application as these eyelash adhesives are super fast drying & will hold the YY lashes in place instantly without the lashes rolling or twisting off the natural lashes.

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