Pre-made Volume fans – XL – 0.10 5D – LASH Clearance Seconds

£8.95 exc. VAT

We have a few packs of XL 0.10 –  5D  – D curls –  Length 10mm ONLY  with broken cases, these were damaged in transit from our suppliers.

Usually 23.95 now only 12.95 lashes are not damaged.

Pre-made volume Fans in XL packs containing 320 x fans per pack.

Superfine heat-bonded pre-made volume fans.

3D, 4D, 5D, and 6D pre-made volume fans lashes  are available in our NEW XL packs 

These sharp base pre-made volume fans are super-lightweight, hand-crafted & have a heat-bonded sharp stem.

Team these pre-made fans, with our super fast set speed lash adhesives:

Fast LashExtreme LashMasterlash, or Flash Bond adhesives – using a tiny dip of adhesive using a jade stone & glue dot, place your fan onto an isolated natural lash to create easy volume or mix with Classic eyelash extensions to create Hybrid lashes.

It is hard to see the difference between Pre-made Volume Fans VS  hand-made Russian volume fans which are so time-consuming to make! Why not take the fuss out of creating your own Russian volume fans & try Pre-made Volume fans?

These single-length packs, not only are great value they also reduce your treatment time allowing you to create full, fluffy volume sets of lashes in half the time!

Saving treatment time allows you to fit more clients in your diary & earn more!

We know our clients LOVE these lashes, they offer great lash longevity & can be infilled every 2 – 3 weeks just like Classic Lashes.

What’s not to LOVE?

Our pre-made fans are a real GAME CHANGER!



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