Eyelash Extension Glue Stop – No Run

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No Run works by controlling the glue

  • Prevents Russian Fans from closing
  • Prevents Eyelash Adhesive running up the lashes
  • Prevents the adhesive from running onto the client’s eyelid
  • Great  for sensitive clients
  • The perfect partner for use with our Fastlash, Flashbond & Master lash eyelash adhesives.

Hints & Tips

Just decant a little of the NO Run solution into a glue ring or disposable glue tray & apply to the lashes while they are still in the lash pack.

Run the damp microfibre brush along the row of lashes, this will prevent the eyelash adhesives from running up the lashes and possibly closing up your beautiful handmade fans.

This is the perfect partner for any eyelash technician making their own Russian Handmade Fans & wanting to pick up multiple lashes to create a Hybrid Lash Look.

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