Eyelash Extension Glue Stop – No Run

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NO RUN – Works by controlling the glue… this product stops the lash glue/lash adhesive from running up the lash. Causing stickies or closing up Russian or Pre-made volume fan lashes.

No Run is a perfect product for Newbie lash techs, as it really helps lash adhesive/lash glue staying in one place!

This product is the perfect partner for use with our AHFrancis; Fastlash, Extreme Lash, Flashbond & Masterlash Eyelash Extension Adhesives/Glue.

Hints & Tips

  • Just decant a little of the NO Run solution into a glue ring or disposable glue tray & apply to the lashes while they are still in the lash pack
  • Run the damp microfibre brush along the row of lashes, this will prevent the eyelash adhesives from running up the lashes and possibly closing up your beautiful handmade fans
  • This is the perfect partner for any eyelash technician making their own Russian Handmade Fans & wanting to pick up multiple lashes to create a Hybrid Lash Look
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