Large – Eyelash Mirror For Lash Lifts & Eyelash Extensions

£7.95 exc. VAT

In stock

AHFrancis Lash Techs all love this mirror in their lash kit! 

Helps with lash mapping & placement precision throughout the eyelash extension treatment.

No more having to get up off your stool to check your work, using your lash mirror you can check your lashes from all angles!

Helps prevent watery eyes & sensitivity as you can check with your lash mirror that your client’s eyes are closed throughout the treatment.

Perfect for use when performing a lash lifting treatment to ensure lashes are applied correctly to the lash lift shield & ensure the lash lift lotions are applied evenly.

  • Must-have for lash technicians
  • For use during lash application
  • A great tool to check eyelash extension bonding
  • Check lash application on lash lift shield
  • Check lash blending
  • Ensure no lash gaps
  • Ensure full coverage 
  • Can be used left or right-handed 
  • Extendable 
  • High-quality chrome finish 
  • Professional use only
  • Achieve perfection 
  • Easy to clean
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