Jade Stone – Lash Glue Palette- Green

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Using a Jade Stone with one of our Glue dots, will not only help keep your eyelash extension glue/adhesive at a cool room temperature but it will also hold your lash glue/adhesive in a little bobble, making it easier to slide or dip your eyelash extensions into, for optimum lash bonding & longevity.

Why use a Glue Stone Vs Glue Ring?

  • Less chance of an allergic reaction as the Jade Stone (as it isn’t as close to your client’s eyes, compared with a Glue Ring)
  • Use as a palette to drop a bobble of eyelash glue/adhesive ready to apply eyelash extensions
  • Hygienic when used with a Glue Dot (No more messy Jade Stones!)
  • Less Lash Glue wastage 
  • Cool palette/surface to keep your eyelash glue/adhesive fresh & easier to work with
  • Replenish every 5-10 minutes depending on the room temp & humidity
  • Available in pink or green
  • Eco-friendly 
  • 100% Natural Jade Stone
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