FLASH BOND 3grm Vial Size – Eyelash Extension Adhesive/Lash Glue

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FLASHBOND 3grm –  Eyelash Extension Adhesive

What Lash Adhesive is the one for you? Click here to view our Glue Guide 

Professional Eyelash Extension Adhesive/Lash Glue is for qualified eyelash technicians ONLY!

For maximum results we recommend using the below products as part of your lash-prepping regime, to ensure the BEST eyelash extension retention!


FLASHBOND – is a  Multi-purpose, fast-setting MUST-HAVE eyelash extension lash adhesive – lash glue, perfect when applying;

  • Classic – Individual Lashes/Eyelash Extensions
  • Pre-made Volume Fan Lashes – Lashes/Eyelash Extensions
  • Camellia Lashes – Easy Fanning Lashes/eyelash extensions
  • Russian Volume Lashes – Lashes/eyelash extensions
  • YY Lashes Volume Lashes – Lashes/eyelash extensions
  • Cashmere Flat Lashes – Lashes/eyelash extensions
  • Mink Lashes – Lashes/eyelash extensions
  • Hybrid Lashes – Lashes/eyelash extensions


This Eyelash Adhesive/Glue is suitable for experienced lash technicians due to its fast set speed

Please read the information below to make sure this Eyelash Extension Adhesive is for you!

We do not recommend this eyelash extension adhesive – lash glue for inexperienced eyelash technicians

  • Please ensure you patch test your clients 48 x hours in advance of a lash treatment
  • For best results, we recommend that you gently shake the lash adhesive prior to use
  • We recommend that you use  a glue dot & jade stone & replenish your adhesive every 5-6 minutes to keep fresh
  • Please note all of our adhesives have the same 3 x month shelf life once opened & stored correctly
  • 6 x months shelf-life unopened & stored correctly we recommend storing upright in an Airtight Lash Adhesive Storage Container
  • This adhesive works best in room temperatures of 20 – 25 degrees & humidity between 55-70%
  • This product is an ISO medical-approved eyelash adhesive, suitable for professional use only
  • This glue is manufactured in the EU to our own Specification
  • Contains: Cyanoacrylate
  • Vegan Friendly & Latex-free
  • Not tested on animals
  • Colour: Black
  • Viscosity: Super-fine
  • Formaldehyde Free 
  • Water-resistant
  • Heat – resistant
  • Manufactured in the UK


Troubleshooting – Hints & Tips…

To get the best out of your eyelash extension adhesive/lash glue:

  • We recommend making a note of the date you opened your glue, so you know when to re-order
  • Apply a sticker with the date the glue was opened & stick it on the glue bottle 
  • Use a Jade Stone & Glue Dots rather than a Glue Ring 
  • Why not try a Lash Tile with Jade Stone included to keep your lashes in order 
  • Replenish your lash adhesive approximately every 5-10 minutes depending on the humidity 
  • Replenishing your glue frequently will ensure great workability & less waste 
  • We recommend using a hygrometer in your room or salon to measure the correct temp/humidity
  • Shake eyelash adhesive/glue well before use, sometimes the pigment can separate 
  • Make sure your lashes are all prepped & cleaned using our Foaming Brow & Lash Wash before eyelash extension application 
  • Ensure you have applied the correct lash curl, weight & length 
  • Apply the eyelash extensions 0.5 to 1mm away from the lash line
  • Do NOT apply eyelash extensions any longer than a 3rd to 1/2 longer than the natural lashes 


At AHFrancis we are known for our high-quality eyelash extension products.

With over 20 years of experience in the eyelash extension industry, we pride ourselves on having a wealth of knowledge in the eyelash business.

When purchasing any of our AHFrancis eyelash extension products, you can be assured you are buying the highest quality, tried & tested lash products to use on your clients, ensuring first & foremost their health & safety as a priority & achieving the BEST results!

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