Eyelash Extension Primer – Magic Primer

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EYELASH PRIMER/Magic Primer – Lash Prep Product for Better Eyelash Extension Retention!

What does eyelash glue primer do?
Lash primers help in achieving a quicker eyelash extension attachment, to the natural eyelashes by removing any natural oils & eye makeup residue that may be on natural lashes.
Lash primers also balance the PH level of the natural lashes, creating a better bond between the eyelash extensions & the natural lashes, creating better eyelash extensions retention.

Hints & Tips

How To Apply: 

  • Apply Magic Primer using a microfibre after cleansing with our Brow & Lash Wash
  • Comb your l natural ashes thoroughly ensuring they are clean & ready to prime
  • Dispense a drop of Magic primer into a disposable glue tray/ring
  • Using a microfibre brush dip into the Magic Primer & dab off any excess lotion onto the couch roll
  • Apply Magic Primer rolling underneath & on top of the lashes in preparation for your eyelash extension application
  • Comb your lashes through again & apply your eye patch – ready to lash map
  • You’re now ready to start your eyelash extension application 


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