Classic Eyelash Foundation Starter Kit

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Your Classic Eyelash Foundation starter kit has everything you will need to begin your Training with us.

This kit contains all the basics you will need for your training, case studies & more!

  1. 3grm Masterlash or Fast Lash Adhesive
  2. Clay Lash Off Lash Remover
  3. 20  x pairs of 3D Eye Gel Pads
  4. 1 x Jade Stone
  5. 10 x  single large glue dots
  6. 10  single microfibre brushes
  7. 1 x multipack lashes 0.15/0.20, B, C or D curl
  8. 1 x multipack lashes 0.15/0.20, B, C  or D curl
  9. 1 x Precision Lash Isolation Tweezer
  10. 1 x Lash Pick Up Tweezer
  11. 1 x Foaming Lash Wash
  12. 1 x Lash cleansing brush

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