3D Keratin Lash Conditioner – Nourishes & Conditions Lashes/Brows

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The 3D Keratin Lash Conditioner mimics the natural polypeptide chains of keratin in the lashes & brow hairs and helps to deeply nourish, sculpt, hydrate, and fortify the hair cuticle.

It is best to have the client use the 3D Keratin Lash Conditioner daily to help keep their lash/brow treatment, grow out naturally healthy & strong, after a Lash Lift or Brow-Lamination treatment.

This product can be applied daily by your clients as part of their aftercare routine.

It’s a perfect product to Retail to your clients to help them look after their Lashes & Brows, to keep them in perfect condition.

Really easy to apply with the mascara-type brush included in the  8ml Lash/Brow Keratin nourishing product.

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