0.07 Eyelash Extensions

£2.95£12.95 exc. VAT

0.07 lashes are often referred to as Mink lashes, because of their softness.

They are available in:

  • Curls J, B, C and D  (See our Eyelash Curl Guide for more details)
  • Vegan friendly
  • Latex free
  • Not tested on animals

This thickness is used to create Russian volume lashes as they are super fine, soft & make fabulous handmade fans.

Why not mix your handmade fans with individual classic eyelash extensions to create the Hybrid lash look?

A very popular lash, loved & used by many of our lash technicians.

With the variation of lash curls, you can create a glamorous set of eyelash extensions which your clients will adore!

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