Lashes are here to stay!

“Confidence is 10% hard work & 90% lashes” 

We are hearing every day from our AHFrancis lash technicians that their lash clients are all booked in and that many lash technicians have a huge waiting list.

The demand for eyelash extensions is still huge & ever-increasing!

With many beauty-conscious clients wanting to look good and feel fab, they often turn to a quick fix with Botox and fillers.

Eyelash extensions, lash lifting & brow lamination is a less expensive & quick-fix option.

Offering a glamorous or natural look to ‘get up & go’.

Ditch the mascara, no more panda eyes & feel gorgeous 24/7.


As the eyelash industry booms, many lash clients have regular lash appointments with two to three-week infills.

Eyelash extensions are super addictive and have become a way of life!

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