Autumn Lash Shedding: Explained

Hello Autumn…

With the seasonal changes your clients will notice a shedding of their lashes & they ask why they are losing their lashes more frequently?

As Lash Technicians, we question our skills, products & client’s aftercare… Don’t’ worry it is none of the above & you’re not doing anything wrong!

We will all lose approximately 1 to 5 lashes a day, your lashes have five stages of growth;

1. Anagen – Active growth stage

2. Catagen – Transition phase

3. Telogen  – Resting phase

4. Telogen –  Shedding phase –  Exogen ( means active hair shedding)  

5. Early Anagen Phase – Growth stage



Changes of humidity in the Autumn/Winter months can make your skin become dry & affect your lash growth cycle, loss of moisture can cause lashes to become brittle & shed quicker than normal.

Always check in on your client’s with regards to their lash shedding & make sure they are following the aftercare advice you give them after each appointment. Advise them not to pick or pull their eyelash extensions as this will damage their natural lashes.

Also recommend keeping their lashes clean by using our Foaming Brow & Lash Wash every other day. Apply a Lash Sealer every third day as this will help to keep the natural lashes nourished.

As a Lash Technician, we need to pay attention to our lash isolation, usage of glue & choice of lashes during lash application & infilling. Overloading the client’s natural lashes will cause early shedding & lash damage.

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